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>Thanks, Cysegr!

>I just wanted to quickly thank Cysegr for being my first Etsy customer! She purchased the lovely set of East Indies bracelets that I posted a few weeks ago and is enjoying them in sunny California. I braved a pretty heavy snow storm to mail them out to her, but I’m an happy to know that the set is now in a better (warmer) place.


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>My Messenger Finch

>mail finch

I am really having fun making the jewelry for this line . . . and setting up this blog. I made a little e-mail button with a letter carrying Pyrrhula pyrrhula (Eurasian Bullfinch). I was surprised at how simple the code was . . . so I’m going to share it, in case anyone who stumbles upon this blog wants to spruce up their own (and aren’t fluent in html, like me).

This is the code for making your button work:

Here’s a chance to learn from my mistakes! I made my bullfinch image 500 x 400 pixels . . . and subsequently had to shrink it in the code (height = “120” width = “150”), which has made the image a bit pixelated. I’ll have to shrink it in photoshop and try again . . .

But . . for now, feel free to use my little mail Finch to e-mail me!

fancy mail finch . . . who is retired because he doesn't look quite right in the sidebar

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>East Indies Bracelets ~ A Full Set of Revolú


East Indie Bracelet Set

I love this set of five bracelets in bold spice-toned enamel. My favorite out of the whole lot is the peacock green and red Berries bracelet. I tried it on with my saffron colored Berries bracelet and the combination was proof that too much of a good thing was better!

East Indies Bracelets in a bowl made by my friend Emily Robinson My mom models the East Indies Bracelets

Close up of East Indies and the awesome Berries bracelet in this set!

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>Candied Fig ~ a set of Revolú Bracelets

>This past holiday, I used fresh figs in a couple of dishes an even candied them as a decoration. I think that a sliced fig has the prettiest color combination, so I used enamel to reinvent it’s gorgeous tones.

This set is on my Bullfinch and Barbury Etsy shoppe — please stop by and peruse my listings.

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>Vine Bracelet ~ From Revolú

>This is a skinny- yet loverly -bracelet fit for a bohemian gentlewoman. I love it when I put it on with the saffron Berries bracelet, or Candied Fig bracelet set. The enamel color is a soft orchid purple and the “vine” is left as brushed copper.

Vine Bracelet from Etsy

Vine Bracelet

Vine bracelet on hand

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>Berries Bracelet ~ From Revolú

>Berries bracelet from Etsy
I am a bit of a visual texture freak, and though many of my pieces don’t have loads of dimensional texture, this bracelet has both. I called these bracelets Berries because they look like a little stumbled-upon food cache from a finch or a squirrel.

This one was a really interesting saffron orange and transparent crimson dappled appearance on the shank of the bracelet . . . the berries are left as brushed copper.

Berries Bracelet
Berries bracelet on my mom's hand

Here’s my mom’s hand again . . . modeling it while drinking a cup of tea. For more details about this Berries bracelet, check out my Etsy shoppe.

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>Painterly Bracelet ~ from Revolú

>Painterly Bracelet from
This was a bracelet that I made for me! And now look . . . it’s on Etsy! I made another bracelet that is now my very own (in B&B’s colors: turquiosey teal and carmine red).

I called it Painterly . . . because the ghostly poetry that is stamped into the metal has been slipped under a veil of periwinkle enamel. You could stop and read the words, but they are present more for an impression– like a line of poetry whispered in your ear.

Painterly bracelet

paint·er·ly adj. /ˈpeɪntərli/ [peyn-ter-lee]

1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a painter.

2. Fine Arts. characterized by qualities of color, stroke, or texture perceived as distinctive to the art of painting, esp. the rendering of forms and images in terms of color or tonal relations rather than of contour or line.

Bib wearing Painterly bracelet

One of my dad’s antique statues was obliging enough to model my Painterly bracelet . . . and so was my cousin, Elisabeth!

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