>Painterly Bracelet ~ from Revolú

>Painterly Bracelet from Etsy.om
This was a bracelet that I made for me! And now look . . . it’s on Etsy! I made another bracelet that is now my very own (in B&B’s colors: turquiosey teal and carmine red).

I called it Painterly . . . because the ghostly poetry that is stamped into the metal has been slipped under a veil of periwinkle enamel. You could stop and read the words, but they are present more for an impression– like a line of poetry whispered in your ear.

Painterly bracelet

paint·er·ly adj. /ˈpeɪntərli/ [peyn-ter-lee]

1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a painter.

2. Fine Arts. characterized by qualities of color, stroke, or texture perceived as distinctive to the art of painting, esp. the rendering of forms and images in terms of color or tonal relations rather than of contour or line.

Bib wearing Painterly bracelet

One of my dad’s antique statues was obliging enough to model my Painterly bracelet . . . and so was my cousin, Elisabeth!


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One response to “>Painterly Bracelet ~ from Revolú

  1. >That cousin of yours has one beautiful wrist!

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