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>Perfect for Parties on Those Warm Summer Nights

>A bit of clever mimicry to wow your friends. This goregous moth is made to look exactly like a live Luna Moth (native to my part of Pennsylvania). It’s wings are delicately filled with plique-à-jour, making the spaces between each vein resemble a pane of glass. 24K gold foil embelishes the “eye spots” on each wing. This truly is a fantastic eye-catching piece, yet retains a feeling of simple elegance.


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>"Regency" Bracelet Set

>I love this set because of it’s demure shade and stately details like pastachio colored pearls, brass accents and “sgraffito” laurel branch pattern.

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>East Indies Bracelet Set ~ Variation 3

>This set find so many people who love it! Here’s a new variation of spicy tones!

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>Sweet, "Ripening Berries" Bracelet


This berries bracelet is soon to be listed on It’s shades of green and lavender appear very genteel with a warm burgundy-rose backdrop on the band.

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>Etsy List: Necessary Accoutrements of a Bohemian Gentlewoman

>I posted a list of my favorite items on Etsy this afternoon, including a set of bracelets as well as some other refined elements that I really appreciate . . . including the lovely cloche hat sewn by LizaRietz and pumpkin souffle soap made by ThePrimPantry.

If you have a moment, check it out!

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