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What Does Your Jewelry Say About You?

What’s your favourite colour?

Whether it’s a soothing shade like sky blue or something more wild like marigold orange, the colours you wear can affect how others see your personality.  Many studies have revealed the impressions that people get from seeing different hues – here is a list of shades and the overall feel they exude:

– Red = passionate, vivacious, energetic and intense

– Pink = romantic, up-beat, flirtatious

– Orange =  energetic, attention getting, joyful

– Yellow =  cheerful, optimistic, intelligent

– Green = soothing, stress-free, compassionate

– Blue = peaceful, trustworthy, warm

– Violet = regal, dreamy, opulent

– White = simplicity, innocence, higher social status

– Black = power, authority, responsibility

Adding a dash of a daring shade for an otherwise business-like outfit is a classy way of proclaiming individuality.  One of the most amazing things about working with enamel is that the choice for colour goes beyond mixing silver with gold finishes.  The rainbow is at your disposal!

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