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>Custom Bracelets for Missandrony

>Missandrony was in need of a color fix, so she requested a couple of sets be made to add a bit of panache to her jewelry collection. To further fuel her “jewel-toned kick”, I made a set of multi-toned bracelets in the most saturated colors I could get out of my enamels.

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>Jewelry at the Thatched Cottage, Doylestown


If you stop into the Thatched Cottage on Main Street in Doylestown, PA, you can see a few of my pieces in person. Among the collections of desireable items housed in this lovely shop are a few of my Revolú bracelet sets, the Luna moth pendant with some earrings and stackable rings thrown in as well.

If you are in town, stop by and check them out! While you’re at it, swing by one of my favorite places, The Mercer Museum, as it is only a stone’s throw away.

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>"Regency" Bracelet Set

>I love this set because of it’s demure shade and stately details like pastachio colored pearls, brass accents and “sgraffito” laurel branch pattern.

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>East Indies Bracelet Set ~ Variation 3

>This set find so many people who love it! Here’s a new variation of spicy tones!

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>Etsy List: Necessary Accoutrements of a Bohemian Gentlewoman

>I posted a list of my favorite items on Etsy this afternoon, including a set of bracelets as well as some other refined elements that I really appreciate . . . including the lovely cloche hat sewn by LizaRietz and pumpkin souffle soap made by ThePrimPantry.

If you have a moment, check it out!

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>Sneak Peek at Upcoming Spring Adornments!


Here’s a chance to check out freshly made pieces before they hit Etsy!

< "Bullfinch" Five Piece Enameled Bracelet Set

< "Turkish Delight" Two Piece Enameled Bracelet Set

< "East Indies" Five Piece Enameled Bracelet Set

< "High Tea" Five Piece Enameled Bracelet Set. (sorry for the image quality on some of these! A bit blurry) This is one of two sets . . . this one is a bit more maroon in color, whereas the other set is more pink.

White and Pink Dendrobium Boutonniere-Style Pin. Each orchid is hand-forged in sterling silver and carefully enameled to match the real flower exactly.

I still have a few more sets that are currently being worked on– check back soon and you’ll see them first!

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>Thanks, Cysegr!

>I just wanted to quickly thank Cysegr for being my first Etsy customer! She purchased the lovely set of East Indies bracelets that I posted a few weeks ago and is enjoying them in sunny California. I braved a pretty heavy snow storm to mail them out to her, but I’m an happy to know that the set is now in a better (warmer) place.

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