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Last Hurrah: Retirement of Some Favourites

Out with the old … in with the new! 

In order to make some room for new designs and color palettes, some of the Piece de Resistance sets will be getting a well-earned retirement.  Since they also feature elements like ribbons, pearls and accents that have limited availability, once they are gone, they are gone!

Here are the items to be phased out:

– Golightly Enamel Bangle Set

– Golightly Gleaming Curiosities Necklace

– Savoy Truffle Bangle Set

– Savoy Truffle Gleaming Curiosities Necklace

With new designs and enamel shades on the workbench, new sets will be debuted as these all time favourites are slowly phased out. 

Have a color / style suggestion for new bangle sets?  I’d love to know!  Please leave a comment with your ideas.

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>Is It Time For a New Look?

>I love beautiful shop banners and graphics – and though I’m no graphic designer, I have fun trying out new designs. Yet, when it comes to making a decision on which one I should use, it’s usually best for me to leave that up to someone else! I need to borrow your good taste : which of these is most fitting?

Choice #1:

Choice # 2

Or Choice #3

Please share your opinion here!


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>New Hand-Made Bangle Sets for Spring

>Here’s a few of the newest bangle sets from my Etsy shop. I was in the mood for spring – but the weather was quite the contrary when these photos were taken. After every shot, I stepped indoors and held some hand warmers, but still, those goosebumps are unmistakable!

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>"Found" by the Storque


For the casual Etsier this post title might sound a bit bizzare (but just to set the record straight: no, I am not expecting a child). The Storque is a portion of Etsy’s website that features articles about trends, artists and the latest Etsy “finds”. The Storque has about 17,500 e-mail subscribers currently and is an excellent way to stay in the loop.

In an article written by Etsy admin, Anda, my Limey bangles were featured alongside the work of many other talented artists. Anda pens: “Bangles are a wardrobe essential to me. I feel nervously under-dressed if I leave the house with empty wrists.” I second that notion! As an antidote to bare wrists, Anda provides a long list of lovely items (including my bangles! Hurrah!).

Where can you find the Storque? On Etsy’s home page, at the very bottom (below the featured artist and most recent additions), there is a que of Storque article headlines and photos. Or you can find it by clicking on the “Community” tab . . . but here’s a link to make matters easy!: The Storque

Here is the full article on bangles:

Thank you so much, Anda!!!

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>Bullfinch & Barbury on Etsy’s Front Page!


At some point last night (most likely while I was watching the women gymnastics from the Olympics in Beijing), Bullfinch and Barbury made the front page of Etsy!

One of my new East Indies color sets, dubbed “Calcutta” was highlighted — though I only know this because of the massive amount of traffic that hit my little shoppe.

I owe someone a huge thanks for picking out my jewelry and getting it on the front page Etsy showcase! (Too bad I was busy gasping over the American gymnasts on the uneven bars !)

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>Thanks, Cysegr!

>I just wanted to quickly thank Cysegr for being my first Etsy customer! She purchased the lovely set of East Indies bracelets that I posted a few weeks ago and is enjoying them in sunny California. I braved a pretty heavy snow storm to mail them out to her, but I’m an happy to know that the set is now in a better (warmer) place.

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>My Messenger Finch

>mail finch

I am really having fun making the jewelry for this line . . . and setting up this blog. I made a little e-mail button with a letter carrying Pyrrhula pyrrhula (Eurasian Bullfinch). I was surprised at how simple the code was . . . so I’m going to share it, in case anyone who stumbles upon this blog wants to spruce up their own (and aren’t fluent in html, like me).

This is the code for making your button work:

Here’s a chance to learn from my mistakes! I made my bullfinch image 500 x 400 pixels . . . and subsequently had to shrink it in the code (height = “120” width = “150”), which has made the image a bit pixelated. I’ll have to shrink it in photoshop and try again . . .

But . . for now, feel free to use my little mail Finch to e-mail me!

fancy mail finch . . . who is retired because he doesn't look quite right in the sidebar

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