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>My Messenger Finch

>mail finch

I am really having fun making the jewelry for this line . . . and setting up this blog. I made a little e-mail button with a letter carrying Pyrrhula pyrrhula (Eurasian Bullfinch). I was surprised at how simple the code was . . . so I’m going to share it, in case anyone who stumbles upon this blog wants to spruce up their own (and aren’t fluent in html, like me).

This is the code for making your button work:

Here’s a chance to learn from my mistakes! I made my bullfinch image 500 x 400 pixels . . . and subsequently had to shrink it in the code (height = “120” width = “150”), which has made the image a bit pixelated. I’ll have to shrink it in photoshop and try again . . .

But . . for now, feel free to use my little mail Finch to e-mail me!

fancy mail finch . . . who is retired because he doesn't look quite right in the sidebar

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