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>Berries Bracelet ~ From Revolú

>Berries bracelet from Etsy
I am a bit of a visual texture freak, and though many of my pieces don’t have loads of dimensional texture, this bracelet has both. I called these bracelets Berries because they look like a little stumbled-upon food cache from a finch or a squirrel.

This one was a really interesting saffron orange and transparent crimson dappled appearance on the shank of the bracelet . . . the berries are left as brushed copper.

Berries Bracelet
Berries bracelet on my mom's hand

Here’s my mom’s hand again . . . modeling it while drinking a cup of tea. For more details about this Berries bracelet, check out my Etsy shoppe.

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>Revolú Bracelets Posted on Etsy!


Finally, I managed to get a few pieces on my Etsy shoppe! I’m going to put them on my blog for any suggestions (especially where names are concerned!) and a little harmless exhibitionism . . .

This bracelet I named Pembrookeshire, after a ocean-side city in Wales:

Pembrookeshire Bracelet as listed on Esty

The brushed brass portion of this bracelet has a faint etching from a sun dial’s face.

Pembrookshire Bracelet

This bangle actualy has a sister bracelet in a smaller size. Check this bracelet out on my Bullfinch and Barbury Etsy.

Pembrookshire on my mom's hand

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